Our Pack

Cub Scouting
Fun with a Purpose!


  • Positively influence character development
  • Help boys develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body
  • Improve understanding within the family
  • Strengthen boys' ability to get along with other boys and respect other people
  • Foster a sense of personal achievement by helping boys develop new interests and skills
  • Show how to be helpful and do one's best
  • Provide fun and exciting new things to do
  • Prepare boys to become Boy Scouts

What Activities are there?

Cub Scouting means "doing."  Everything in Cub Scouting is designed to have the boys doing things.  Many of the activities happen right in the den.  At least once a month, we have a family-oriented weekend pack activity.  

What is expected of me as a parent?

Your son will always remember the quality time you spend with him.   He won't remember the TV show you watched or how high your score was on a video game.  He will always remember the camping trips YOU took him on!  Enjoy the "Out" in Scouting!

Pack 324 is a volunteer organization. No one gets a paycheck.  We encourage you to participate as much as you can.   Your son will thank you for it!   There are various opportunities to help!   Some Pack positions take very little time.  Some take more.

How is the Pack Set Up and Run?

The Pack is divided into 5 dens. 

  • Tigers (1st graders)
  • Wolves (2nd Graders)
  • Bears (3rd Graders)
  • Webelos I (4th Graders)
  • Webelos II (5th Graders)

We meet every Thursday evening from 6:00p.m till 7:15p.m. at Meadowbrook Campus.  We start the meeting with a brief flag ceremony and announcements, then the dens break up for their den time activities.  See the calendar page for links to the weekly activities planned.

Where do I get the uniform?
Phoenix Scout Shop
2969 North Greenfield Road 
Phoenix, AZ  85016   
(602) 224-0778
M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

How do I get more information?

You already took the first step, in visiting our website.  The best thing you can do is come to a den or pack meeting.  There is no commitment. 

For further info please contact:
Cubmaster Brent Gear 602-320-8561

Pack Leadership

Cubmaster                                    - Brent Gear
Assistant Cubmaster                    
Tiger Den Leaders (shared)      - All Tiger Parents
Wolf Den Leaders                        
- Chris Joslin                                                        

Bear Den Leaders                       

Webelos I Leaders                      - All Webelos Parents
Webelos II Leaders                    - David Van Wie
                                                    - Tres Winius

Pack Committee
Chairman                                      - Debbie Gear
Communications/Secretary       - ?  Volunteer Now!
Treasurer                                     - Debbie Gear
                                                       - ?  Volunteer Now!
Pack Trainer/Advancement      - Brent Gear
                                                       - ?  Volunteer Now!
Outings                                         - Bill Hutchinson 
Membership                                  - Debbie Gear
                                                       - ?  Volunteer Now!
Religious Emblems                       - Brent Gear

Special Event Coordinators
Campouts (Fall, Spring)               - Bill Hutchinson
Ski Trip                                          - Brent Gear
Carolling                                        - BEAR Den 
Bike Rodeo                                    - Webelos I Den
Blue and Gold Banquet                 - 
Pinewood Derby                            - Webelos II Den (with Webelos I Learning)
Summer Camps                            - ?  Volunteer Now!
Summertime Pack Award            - ?  Volunteer Now!
Baden Powel Quality Unit            - ?  Volunteer Now!


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